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Who are we?

Our initiative has existed since November 30, 2018 and was initially formed from participants of Lavender Threat. The main concept that prompted us to creation of the initiative - all participants are exclusively transgender people engaged in trans* activism.

What are our goals?

We aspire to live in a gender-variable society without discrimination, in which there will be an institutional absence of gender identity, where everyone can choose to be on the spectrum or not.

Our mission

To contribute to the formation of a society free from violence, stigma and discrimination, the values of which are the diversity and uniqueness of gender identities, their manifestations or their absence.

Our vision

We strive to live in a world where any gender identity or lack thereof is not a factor of stigma and discrimination.


Our values

  • Human Rights

  • The right to gender identity (or lack thereof)

  • The right to self-expression

  • The importance of each point of view

  • Promotion of the rights of T* people

  • Feminist agenda

  • Promotion of depathologization

  • Body positive

  • Physical and mental health of the community

  • The right to dispose of one's body

Our principles

  • Transinclusion

  • Intersectionality

  • "Nothing about us without us"

  • Evidence-based healthcare

  • Non-violence

  • Openness

  • Consensuality

  • Collegiality

  • "Peer-to-Peer" principle

  • Non-discrimination

  • Rationality

  • Respect for borders

  • Support

  • Involvement in values

  • A safe space

  • Professional development

  • Integration of new experience

  • End-to-end values

  • Empathy

What we do for this

  • Trainings on developing the potential of trans* activists

  • Online events for the trans* community

  • Organization of public actions and participation in them

  • Membership in regional cords. HIV/AIDS prevention councils

  • Membership in international coalitions and organizations, such as TGEU, Transgender Health Coalition in the post-Soviet space, and ECOM

  • Partnership with other LGBTQI+ organizations in Kyiv and regions

  • Development and printing of informational materials

  • Individual counseling for T*people

  • Searching for friendly doctors

Фото з ЛГБТ-прайду в Києві. Крупним кадром зображена рука, що тримає два прапорці: шестиколірний ЛГБТ-прапор та трансгендерний прапор. Поряд можна побачити шматочок українського синьо-жовтого прапора
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