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Since 2018, we have been conducting activities aimed at increasing the visibility of the trans community and promoting the rights of transgender people in Ukraine.

Projects and services

Taking care of your mental health is important!
Therefore, we engaged a friendly trans* competent therapist to provide free psychological consultations to representatives of the Ukrainian trans* community.

We provide legal advice to trans* people on a wide range of issues. If the question concerns a narrow and specific topic that requires the advice of a lawyer with competence in this particular field, we will redirect you to a friendly lawyer. 

We have created a self-filling database of doctors for transgender people that works on the principle of reputation. You can either access the database of doctors or enter your feedback about a recent visit to a doctor to add to the database.

Covering basic needs (food, hygiene, clothing, medicines, medical procedures, etc.) for trans* persons in a difficult situation in Ukraine.
A complete list of provided assistance is available at the link.

The first project in Ukraine aimed at raising awareness of the intersection of gender diversity and neurodiversity and involving medical and social workers to work with neurodiverse trans people in Ukraine.

With us, ukrainian trans*people can get advice in the "peer-to-peer" format on topics that are important and relevant for trans* people - from the nuances of the transition procedure to interaction with military offeces.

Overview of activities implemented during the full-scaled war in Ukraine

Below is a summary of our activities for the period from February 24, 2022

until June 24, 2023. We did this for the purpose of introspection, as well as to express our gratitude to the partner organizations that supported and continue to support

us in this period.

In 2023, with the support of NDI, a project aimed at

raising awareness of intersection of gender diversity and neurodivercity

among Ukrainian society, in particular among providers of health care services.


Together with TGEU we are involved in reporting cases of discrimination and hate crimes on the grounds of SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) in the conditions of a full-scale war in Ukraine.

We continue to hold mobilizational and educational online events for the trans* community.

We continue to provide peer consultations within our competence and provide contacts of friendly doctors.

We thank our partner organizations from the international community for their crisis support at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, which was valuable for our team during a time of great uncertainty and the need to adapt to new conditions. We are also grateful for the opportunity to continue our activities in these turbulent times, for the opportunity to develop our organization and for the opportunity to be useful to the Ukrainian trans* community despite the difficult situation in the country.

Логотипи восьми іноземних та міжнародних організацій, що надавали та/або продовжують надавати підтримку Транс Дженерейшн: RFSL, GATE, Transgender Europe, SIDA, National Democratic Institute, Internetional Trans Fund, Outright Action International та Global fund for children

What is sensory overload?
What are the causes of sensory overload?
What does a person feel when they are overloaded?
What to do if you are overloaded?

You will find answers to all these and many other questions in the full article.

The publication was made within the framework of the project dedicated to the intersection of gender diversity and neurodiversity, supported by the National Democratic Institute.

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Get a peer-to-peer consultation

Are you a transgender person and looking for information to help you?

With us, you can get advice in the "peer-to-peer" format on topics that are important and relevant for trans* people — from the nuances of the transition procedure to interaction with the military offices.

To receive a consultation, please fill out the registration form. In the form, you can choose the channel of written communication convenient for you.

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